REVIEW: WWE Slam Crate

After months of hype (including from yours truly), WWE Slam Crate by Loot Crate is finally being shipped out to those who subscribed over the last couple of months.

It’s not too late to get in on the action though… you can sign up for the next Slam Crate by clicking the link above. (Using it will help me continue these reviews, so I’d appreciate it.)

Back to the hype though… I’ve gotta admit, “The First” crate is not living up to it. Is it worth the $29.99+S&H though? Yeah, it is. Kind of…

Let’s start by getting the negative out of the way – some of it is filler. It’s quirky, “oh, that’s… cool?” filler, but filler nonetheless. I’ll never wear the Sasha Banks glasses or Dean Ambrose belt buckle, will probably kill the Mitch potted plant, and probably misplace the Austin Aries Topps trading card (wasn’t lucky enough to get one of the autographed ones).

To be fair, I think filler is to be expected in a lot of these subscription crates though. LootCrate just so happens to be one of the biggest offenders unfortunately.

The biggest issue I had with “The First” Slam Crate was that the “First” theme is totally contrived and poorly executed as a whole. There are so many “firsts” that could have been included in this crate, but instead WWE and LootCrate included random items for whatever made up reason they chose, and cheap items to represent something that actually did fit the theme.

For example: The potted Mitch plant was included in the theme because Mitch was “the first plant to be murdered in the WWE.” Like, what?

As I said though, “the first” WWE Slam Crate actually is worth the price.

The Enzo and Cass “Bada Boom” shirt alone makes the crate worth it. An authentic tee on WWE Shop goes for $25, plus tax and S&H. So right there you’ve got your money’s worth.

The LootCrate website notes that there may not always be a t-shirt included in the crate though. If that turns out to be the case, then it’ll be a toss up whether any crate is worth it.

My favorite item in the crate is easily, the WWE “winged eagle” championship lapel pin. Not sure what it’s made of, but while it’s very light, it feels like a quality piece. Definitely something to show off or to put in your collection.

The only other items worthy of note are the New Day unicorn figure, another quality piece, and the NXT embroidered patch, which could also be considered filler, but is still pretty cool.

So yeah, I guess WWE Slam Crate was worth the price, but I’m really hoping they can improve on the quality of the smaller items and actually make an effort to follow the theme.

Take a look at the photos and let me know how you liked “the First” WWE Slam Crate.



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