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Is anyone still out there?
by Lucha Lucy

So, It’s been quite a while since I’ve last updated LuchaLucy.com, and I’m really sorry for that. Life happens, things get in the way. But we’re on the verge of a new year, and just over a month into LuchaLucy.com‘s third birthday! That means it’s time to get back on track.

While I’ve been gone, I took a Film Production class at my community college; we were given an optional assignment to film a movie that evokes an emotion and/or feeling. I chose to film my nephew Ethan doing something he does everyday – pretend he’s a WWE champion. 

I love wrestling and Ethan loves wrestling. It’s pretty special to us (or maybe it’s just special to me that we both love it). It’s something we can enjoy together. The match he reenacts in the film (John Cena vs. Batista, Wrestlemania 26) is pretty special to us too. We were there for it; it was our first Wrestlemania. 

Ethan wrestles against that Big Show teddy bear all the time, he has for years now. And he dresses his part too – if he’s pretending to be John Cena, he matches his clothing, he puts on a baseball cap, and YouTubes “My Time is Now” for his entrance… he’s very thorough in his pretending. 

And he loves doing it. He loves pretending he’s a champion, he loves putting on his little matches. 

When we went to Wrestlemania 26, he was only five years old. He’s eight years old now. He won’t always love wrestling with his teddy bear, in fact, he may give it all up tomorrow. It’s hard growing up a wrestling fan, when everyone else around you grows out of it. I want him to be proud of being so passionate about something, even if it won’t last forever.

Wrestling may not always make him happy, but it makes him happy right now.

My hope was that this film would evoke feelings of happiness, nostalgia, triumph, innocence, and hope. I think it did a pretty good job of that for my class, and I’m glad I was able to accomplish that, but really, I hope that someday Ethan will look back at his film and remember how much he loved wrestling and how happy it made him (or still makes him). Whichever. 

Champion is a short film about a young boy named Ethan who loves wrestling and dreams of becoming a WWE champion, like his favorite wrestler John Cena. A student film directed by Lucinda Perez


Wrestlemania XXVIII predictions

With Wrestlemania 28 less than 24 hours away, I’m ready to officially list my predictions for the big night.

Wrestlemania 28 starts off with a WWE.com-YouTube live streaming triple threat tag team match.

Triple Threat Tag Team Championship match –
Primo and Epico (c) vs. The Usos vs. Justin Gabriel/Tyson Kidd —

The tag team division is dying a slow death, we all know this, but Primo and Epico and The Usos are legit tag teams. They need to be given a real spotlight to shine under. Because those two teams are legit teams, I really don’t mind the titles going to either one. I’m leaning towards The Usos, given the fact they are inducting the late, great Yokozuna into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. This is a great opportunity to give them the titles and give these three teams and let them all chase after each other. Sometime down the road, it might be a good idea to put the straps on the crazy-popular Justin Gabriel, but for tomorrow night – give them to The Usos.

Prediction: The Usos

Kelly Kelly/Maria Menunos vs. Beth Phoenix/Eve —

Again, I’m really disappointed to see a celebrity has taken a slot from one of the other Divas who, despite their ability (or lack thereof), has been busting their bedazzled butts all year for this opportunity. Though I understand that WWE higher-ups want that big celebrity name, couldn’t Maria Menunos have been an enforcer, or simply just accompanied the faces to the ring. She could have gotten a few shots in for good measure, of course. Anyway… the faces are winning. Maybe this will lead to something bigger down the road for the other combatants.

Prediction: Kelly Kelly & Maria Menunos

Randy Orton vs. Kane — 

This match was pretty much just thrown together for no real reason other than the fact that these two guys had nothing planned for Wrestlemania. That said though, I think they’ll pull off a decent match. Personally, I’ve not invested too much into it because it lacked so much story for me. This match could have been sanctioned No-DQ, but with the Hell in a Cell, it would have just been a frivolous stipulation. I expect Orton and Kane will open the show, or maybe be second on the card. I’d like to see Kane get the win here, his little feud with Cena earlier this year though, pretty much wiped him out of whatever momentum he had since his return though, so it could easily go to Orton.

Prediction: Randy Orton

Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny —

With the sole control of Raw AND Smackdown! on the line, i’m calling this a Team Johnny victory. John Laurinitis has proven over the past few months that he is now the guy the fans love to hate. Theodore Long has just about run his course as Smackdown! GM, and with the new Raw Supershow, the need for two GMs is fading quickly. With guys like Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler and The Miz on his team, I’m hoping a Team Johnny win also means some pushes for these guys who could really benefit from it. Dolph Ziggler, though he has lost some slight momentum, is ready to be headlining pay-per-views and maybe this is when we get to finally see some changes. Hopefully.

Prediction: Team Johnny

Intercontinental Championship match
Cody Rhodes (c) vs. The Big Show —

For over a year now, I’ve been so incredibly high on Cody Rhodes. His match against Rey Mysterio last year was one of my favorites. I think he’s proven his dedication to his character and has allowed himself to progress within it, rather than settle and become complacent. I’m almost completely disappointed in this match up; Big Show is a gifted athlete, no doubt about it, but it’s silly to think that he could give Cody Rhodes a real match. I think it would have been to the benefit of everyone to have gone with Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust, and stuck Big Show on Team Teddy. Given how much abuse Big Show has taken over the past couple of weeks, I think it’s a strong possibility that he will get the win over Cody. I’m hoping Cody can pull out a clean victory, I think he deserves it. I’ll gladly take a DQ win as well. Not sure which way this will go.

Prediction: Undecided — I will give an official prediction just before the match starts tomorrow night (follow me on Twitter for live updates and commentary)

World Heavyweight Championship match
Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Sheamus —

One of my biggest complaints going into Wrestlemania tomorrow is that WWE Creative just could not properly balance all of their main events. Of course, Rock vs. Cena got the most build up, which was expected. ‘Taker-Trips III came in second with the most dedicated story time, further out is Punk-Jericho and way, way, WAY out in fourth place was Daniel Bryan-Sheamus. I really don’t think WWE Creative cared too much about this match. They stuck them in a few tag matches, let them beat each other up a time or two, but I think they were more interested in building Daniel Bryan and AJ’s storyline. It’s a real shame, these two got booted from last year’s Wrestlemania and now had the opportunity to really show WWE higher-ups what a mistake that was. It’ll be a good match nonetheless, but a real shame they weren’t given enough time to really build themselves up. By the looks of it, I’m saying Sheamus gets the win. He’ll either get the title in the process, or he’ll win by DQ because some AJ-antics.

Prediction: Sheamus

WWE Championship match
CM Punk (c) vs. Chris Jericho —

The battle of the best in the world really didn’t meet my expectations the way I thought it would have. Two gifted in-ring performers, two talented pipe bombers, and two incredibly over stars, but everything just fell flat for me, starting with Chris Jericho’s “end of the world as we know it” vignettes. There has been such a disconnect between his return and those videos, aside from the couple of times he’s actually said the phrase. I don’t get it, and apparently neither did Creative, so they’ve seemingly ignored the disconnect. Now, the past few weeks have been a little bit more interesting with these two, but with all this talk about Punk’s family, he has yet to drop a single bomb on Jericho. I like the limited physicality between them, but I wanted more from them. I’m a little torn for a winner, but I want to side with Punk on this one, I think I may be wrong though and we’ll see Jericho win. Either way, I hope this continues so that I can feel satisfied storyline-wise.

Prediction: Chris Jericho

Hell in a Cell w/Special Guest referee Shawn Michaels
The Undertaker vs.  Triple H —

Nearly 15 years ago, Shawn Michaels put on a referee shirt to officiate a match against Bret Hart and The Undertaker at SummerSlam. In that match, Shawn Michaels cost The Undertaker the WWF Championship. As a result, The Undertaker met Shawn Michaels in the first ever Hell in a Cell match at In Your House: Badd Blood. Fast forward 15 years, Triple H seeks retribution and immortality over The Undertaker, who just two years ago retired Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 26. While I already have my pick to win, I have no doubt that ‘Taker and Trips will put on a phenomenal Hell in a Cell match. This match is dubbed “the end of an era” and rightfully so. When Triple H spoke about the two of them being the last of their kind, he was right. They are the last of that era that was full of attitude. I’m one of the few fans who don’t want to being back guys from the 90s and remake the Attitude Era. It was a great time, but there has to be progression. The Undertaker and Triple H were two of the guys who could handle that change and succeed beyond it. They’ve both accomplished so much, but we’ll only get them for so much longer. The Undertaker vs. Triple H really is the last of an era; they’ll go out and give one hell of a match and in the end… 20-0.

Prediction: The Undertaker, 20-0

John Cena vs. The Rock —

The night after Wrestlemania 27, we got our main event for this year; truly one for the ages – John Cena vs. The Rock.

The Rock was to wrestling what Hulk Hogan was, likewise, John Cena is to wrestling what The Rock was. Like so many others, I am a bitter Rock fan who felt he left when he was needed the most, while John Cena was the flag bearer when it wasn’t too cool to be a wrestler (or wrestling fan). While I usually invest the most into the storyline and build up of a match, as great as WWE Creative wanted this build up to be, I don’t think this particular match will need to rely on that. It’s Rock vs. Cena, a wrestling fan and Attitude Era mark’s dream match. On one side, you have Team Bring It, on the other CeNation. There’s respect for both of these guys and the things they’ve done, but I am 100% CeNation on Sunday. There’s no reason for Rock to win tomorrow. Stone Cold officially passed the torch (well, beer can) to Cena, it’s time Rock did the same. Love to hate him, hate to love him, or indifferent to him, John Cena is the guy right now and has been for a long time, so I really want to think that he’ll get a clean win over Rock.

There’s definitely some personal feelings going into this match from both men, which will only make the match that much greater. They’ll put in everything they have to make it a great match, and I also like to think that that’s what this entire match is about for them both – two of the biggest Superstars, just putting on a big match on the biggest stage of them all.

Prediction: John Cena (CeNation & wrestling fans)

It’s gonna be a good show, guys. Don’t be so uptight, I’m going to try not to be, let’s enjoy it.

— Lucha Lucy

WWE Royal Rumble 2012

Live results from WWE Royal Rumble 2012

World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage match
Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Big Show vs. Mark Henry

Winner: Daniel Bryan retains the World Heavyweight Championship

8-Diva Tag Team match
Beth Phoenix, Natalya & The Bella Twins vs. Tamina, Eve, Kelly Kelly & Alicia Fox

Winner: Beth Phoenix, Natalya & The Bella Twins

Singles match
John Cena vs. Kane

Double count out

Singles match
Drew McIntyre vs. Brodus Clay

Winner: Brodus Clay

WWE Championship match
CM Punk (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ special guest refee John Laurinitis

Winner: CM Punk retains the WWE Championship

Royal Rumble match

Winner: Sheamus 

WWE Royal Rumble ’12 contest

To celebrate the 25th annual Royal Rumble pay-per-view, LuchaLucy.com, sponsored by Rudo Reels, is happy to once again announce our Royal Rumble contest!

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3rd place – 1 DVD
Entry number of Superstar with the longest Rumble duration.

Entry number of Superstar with the most Rumble eliminations.
(two winners)

Good luck,
Lucha Lucy 


1. Nick                                                                          16. Mark Jabroni

2. Daniel                                                                    17. D’el

3.  Jeff                                                                          18. Dan

4. Julian                                                                      19. James

5.  Mike                                                                       20. Mohamed

6. Alysha                                                                    21. David 

7.  Jerry                                                                      22. Shane

8. Conor                                                                      23. Anthony

9.  Chelsea                                                                  24. Robbie

10.  Manny                                                                 25. Robert

11. @FunkMonkv1                                                  26. Genevy

12. Constantine                                                         27. Eric

13.  Thomas                                                                28. Jane

14.  Jessica                                                                   29. Ryan

15.  Derrick                                                                 30. TJ


Live, updated results for WWE TLC

United States Championship match
Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Zack Ryder – 

Winner: NEW United States Champion – Zack Ryder

Tag Team Championship match
AirBoom (c) vs. Primo/Epico

Winner: Still Tag Team Champions – AirBoom

Tables match
Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett

Winner: Randy Orton

Divas Championship match
Beth Phoenix (c) vs. KellyKelly

Winner: Still Divas Champion – Beth Phoenix

Ladder match
Triple H vs. Kevin Nash

Winner:  Triple H

Singles match
Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger

Winner: Sheamus

World Heavyweight Championship Chairs match
Mark Henry (c) vs. The Big Show

Winner: NEW World Heavyweight Champion – The Big Show

Daniel Bryan cashes in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

World Heavyweight Championship match
The Big Show (c) vs. Daniel Bryan

Winner: NEW World Heavyweight Champion – Daniel Bryan

Intercontinental Championship match
Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Booker T

Winner: Still Intercontinental Champion – Cody Rhodes

Triple Threat WWE Championship TLC match
CM Punk (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. The Miz

Winner: Still WWE Champion – CM Punk

Pro-wrestling promotion grapples against weather to deliver debut show

Wrestlers and fans brave the rain to support local start-up wrestling company

by Lucinda Perez
The Chaparral

Darryl Adams spears his opponent to the mat in his first professional wrestling match (Lorena Gonzalez/Courtesy Photo)

Alpha Omega Wrestling (AOW) delivered its debut event despite the cold and rainy weather on Saturday, Nov. 12 at the Palm Springs Stadium in Palm Springs. Because of its successful premiere event, the wrestling company already has dates set for future events.

Though the company’s organizers were worried the weather conditions could have affected fan turn out, but that was not the case. The event sold more than 160 tickets, selling out the entire ringside seating section. AOW’s first show featured popular Southern California wrestlers. However, it was the local talent;  Chris Law, Darryl Adams and Damon Divine, all from the Coachella Valley, whom the fans in attendance wanted to see the most.

Darryl Adams, 22, a Palm Desert native, made his professional debut at Saturday’s event. “It was a real honor to be able to debut in my hometown and wrestle in front of my closest friends and family. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity,” he said.

Adams has wrestled as an amateur for seven years, and has trained professionally for two months.

The organization, run by some of its own wrestlers, has worked hard to promote the event across the Coachella Valley. The company ran commercials on local radio and television stations and also promoted the event online.

“There’s a market for wrestling anywhere, really. It just depends on how you promote it,” said Damon Hoffman, one of the company’s founders. He and the other AOW organizers are optimistic they will establish a strong fan base in the Valley.

Hoffman, who wrestles under the name “The Nomad” Damon Divine, also works for a top wrestling promotion, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

“It all started while disturbing the peace one night,” says Hoffman, on how AOW got its start. Someone had called the sheriff to complain about Hoffman and a few others, who were training at a friends house. It was then that he and his friends decided to form their own wrestling promotion group.

Though the promotion is utilizing many professional wrestlers from Southern California, the company is based in Palm Springs, where Hoffman and the other organizers are located. “This is our home,” says Hoffman. “We have some big goals going forward.”

In addition to growing the promotion across the Valley, AOW organizers hope to expand into the rest of Southern California and to secure a local television contract. The promotion also hopes to sponsor local charities in the future, in order to give back to the community.

AOW’s next scheduled event is on Sunday, Dec. 11, at the Palm Desert YMCA.

This article was originally printed in the Nov. 21 issue of College of the Desert’s student-run newspaper The Chaparral.