Thank you

Approximately two years ago, the original Lucha Lucy’s Wrestling Thoughts blog site was hacked.

Exactly two years ago, Lucha Lucy’s Wrestling Blog was created.

Today, becomes

I would love to sit here and tell you all of how much I’ve grown as a writer, though I’d like to think that I have grown somewhat. And I’d like to tell you how much the site has grown and gained such popularity; it has grown incredibly in the last year, the site more than doubled the visits in its first year.

Truthfully, Lucha Lucy’s Wrestling Blog is a work in progress still, and I, not Lucha Lucy, but rather, Lucinda, am constantly learning and trying to improve my skills as a writer, as an editor and as a web master.

A lot of this, I do for myself, in order to learn and grow within what I hope will one day be my profession.

But it would all mean so little if not for the +13,027 of you who have visited Lucha Lucy’s Wrestling Blog over the past two years. Or the those who have followed me on Twitter or “Liked” me on Facebook.

Without trying to sound overly dramatic, it’s because of all of you that I am proud of Lucha Lucy’s Wrestling Blog and of what I have been able to achieve because of the success it’s found.

I am proud to have been a contributing author of the second issue of Fair to Flair Quarterly, Summer 2011. I’m proud to share that honor with the other great wrestling bloggers who are apart of the quarterly. I’m proud that Lucha Lucy’s Wrestling Blog provided me (and my nephew Ethan) the opportunity to be in such great company.

I am truly thankful to the visitors and any one who has supported me and this website. You’ve not only provided me a reason to continue writing about what I love, but perhaps more importantly, have given me a reason to be proud of myself and of the things I have been able to accomplish with your support.

Thank you all.

Owner/Editor, Lucha Lucy’s Wrestling Blog


2 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Congrats, and keep up the good work!

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