WWE Hell in a Cell

Live, updated results from WWE Hell in a Cell PPV

Singles match
Christian vs. Sheamus

Winner: Sheamus

Singles match
Sin Cara (Azul) vs. Sin Cara (Negro)

Winner: Sin Cara (Azul)

Tag Team Championship match
AirBoom(c) vs.  Jack Swagger/Dolph Ziggler

Winner: AirBoom

World Heavyweight Championship match
Mark Henry(c) vs. Randy Orton

Winner: Mark Henry

Intercontinental championship match
Cody Rhodes(c) vs. John Morrison
Winner: Cody Rhodes

Divas championship match
KellyKelly(c) vs. Beth Phoenix

Winner: Beth Phoenix, New Divas Champion

WWE championship match
John Cena(c) vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk

Winner: Alberto Del Rio, New WWE Champion


3 thoughts on “WWE Hell in a Cell

  1. Yeah, ya know…for the first time in a while…I’m happy w/ the winners. I think everyone that should have won did win.

    And I’m such an AirBoom mark that they could just win every time forever and I’d be fine. LOL

    • Agreed. I’m pretty happy with all of the winners. I didn’t catch the WWE HIAC match… heard it was a weird ending.

      Seriously! I’m loving AirBoom. For a long time, I was not interested in Kofi Kingstong at all, but that’s starting to change. Maybe it’s the girly girl in me, but I’m so into their matching attire. It makes them seem like such a legit tag team.

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