“Remember when” Wednesday

Starting today, I’d like to post weekly series called “Remember when Wednesday”.

I’ll post a random video featuring a segment, promo or match and hopefully you’ll leave a comment of your thoughts.  I also implore you all to submit your own “Remember when…” videos for future editions. You can email me or submit the video in the Contact form here.

The inaugural “Remember when…” video comes from my friend Sam, he’s a bit of a wrestling fan, but mostly when we get to talking about it.

Sam remembered a segment from Smackdown! from 1999… Big Boss Man crashing The Big Show’s father’s funeral and driving off with the casket.

The feud between Big Boss Man and Big Show wasn’t anything exceptional, I think this is what most people remember. Enjoy.


3 thoughts on ““Remember when” Wednesday

  1. I absolutely love this idea! It’s amazing! I know no one commented..but you have one reader who can’t wait see more!

    Maybe at some point once you get this established you could do a Remember When Wednesday for me and I could do a Theme Thursday for you!


    • I love it, we’ll definitely do it.

      Thanks for commenting, I didn’t continue because I hadn’t heard any feedback and wasn’t sure that it was catching on.

      – Lucinda

  2. It’s interesting to think that Big Show and Bossman headlined a pay-per-view. I remember this angle–and Bossman and ‘pepper’–but it never occurred to me that this was a headlining, world title angle. Kind of funny, to be honest. I think this was before they were overrun by the stars-of-tomorrow jumping ship from WCW, so they must have been having a slow month (Rock, Hunter, and Austin decided to let someone else have a PPV?).

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