Raw thoughts: Contract signings

With less than a week away from SummerSlam, we were treated to what I believe is one of the greatest contract signing segments in WWE history.

As CM Punk noted, contract signings are always the same. There usually isn’t anything too great about these segments. They’re time-consuming and rarely ever really entertaining and beneficial to the storyline.

My favorite contract signing segment was on the 9-1-08 edition of Monday Night Raw; Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels were set to sign the contract for their unsanctioned match at Unforgiven.

What made this segment so memorable and enjoyable was Chris Jericho.  Throughout the entire first half of the segment, Jericho refrained from making any sort of eye-contact with Shawn Michaels. A small gesture, but for me, it really made the whole segment.

Last night’s contract signing, however trumps that. The back and forth between Punk and Cena was just great.

Undoubtedly, CM Punk steals the show when he speaks; that’s to be expected, but I was also pleasantly surprised with John Cena’s mic work. I’m no Cena-basher, but I usually don’t care too much for his promos. Last night though, he brought it.

Cena called Punk a phony; Punk admitted his grudge against Cena, whose had everything handed to him in the company. Cena pointed out to Punk that he is the one who needs to win Sunday, because win, lose or draw, Cena’s going to Wrestlemania to face The Rock, while Punk will just be a “loudmouth, one-hit-wonder.”

They shared great dialogue with each other. They fed off of each other and it shows how well they work together on the mic.

Not that their feud needed any more selling, but Punk and Cena have certainly sold their match at SummerSlam.

If you missed the segment, please enjoy.



8 thoughts on “Raw thoughts: Contract signings

  1. It truly was a great segment, one that I honestly never wanted to end. Both men were on fire and the more they gave the more I wanted. As I mentioned in my blog I could have done without the Rock stuff and the little scuffle at the end. Otherwise this was a fascinating segment. One for the ages.

    I’m really interested to see what you thought of the rest of the show.

    • Yeah, the Rock video, and really, even Triple H and Johnny Ace weren’t really necessary for the segment.

      I agree with you, I think the segment would have been just a tad bit better without the little altercation at the end, but I can see why they added it… with Trips being the special guest referee and all.

      As for the rest of the show, it was really good. There wasn’t anything amazing or incredibly memorable, but everything worked well and looked good. I hope the can keep all of this momentum going into SummerSlam and especially afterwards, when they’ll really need it.

      • You and me both! They seem to have a lot of pretty cool things going on at the moment aside from the big Cena/Punk fued. I think that Smackdown has a few nice feuds building with Barrett and Danielson, and also Sheamus and Henry. Not to mention the Orton/Christian feud. I guess the main thing would be effectively booking these feuds and getting the most out of them to where the viewers actually care. That would require the writing team giving as much attention to the these stories as they are the main Raw story at the time.

        I also think that the Mysterio/Miz thing could be pretty big if they let it play out and stick with it. Miz’s sneak attack and promo on Raw was very effective, and they seem to have some good chemistry together in the ring judging by their title match a few weeks back.

        I recently read that Rey was injured during a house show, so maybe Miz’s attack is a way to get Rey off of tv and move Miz into the title picture. Maybe have him take the match the night after SummerSlam and have Rey later coming back for revenge.

        What do you think?

      • Oh yeah, they’ve got some good stuff. I’m really liking Cody-Wade and Sheamus-Henry. But as you said, they really need to put a little more effort into those storylines as well. As great as Punk-Cena is, they can’t rely on them to carry the whole company going into the new year soon. They need to put just as much effort into all of the feuds, and once they can do that, fans will look forward to every PPV match, instead of looking forward to just the main event.

        I like Miz-Mysterio, but yeah, if Rey’s hurt, that will leave a missed opportunity for Miz. At the very least, I hope he gets some mic time at the PPV.

        If Miz-Mysterio is off, I hope that maybe Cody-Barrett gets added to the card for Sunday.

  2. I’ve really been digging the feud between Sheamus and Henry, but a part of me think that they’ll drop the ball with Sheamus’ face turn.

    I may blog about this situation later, but I don’t care for this new happy Irishman who smiles a lot and cracks jokes about Henry’s weight.

    • I actually hope they don’t do a complete face turn. I think if he stays heel and beats Mark Henry, it’ll make him look really strong. Something he hasn’t been for a long time.

      What is your blog site?

  3. I loved how they poked fun at the countless contract signings in the past, too. Openly joking about the campy, predictable nature of professional wrestling angle staples, yet ultimately doing the exact same thing.

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