WWE talent – two in, one out?

CM Punk’s WWE future

Tonight, CM Punk vows to “perform the most honest act in WWE history.”

As we all know by now, rumors have been circulating over the status of Punk’s job in the company. His contract expires this summer.

One of the reasons cited for Punk not signing a new contract is that he’s a workhorse for the WWE; he hasn’t been given the recognition he’s deserved for his efforts. Punk has constantly delivered great matches, but has never been in that elite, top tier of Superstars.

This isn’t lost on the internet wrestling community (IWC). We’ve seen what he can do in the WWE and we want to see more of it.

CM Punk

Another reason is that he’s simply burned out on the WWE lifestyle.

The WWE schedule is exhausting. We know this. It isn’t hard to believe how someone can be burnt out on that type of living.

Perhaps, Punk just needs a break. It’s unfortunate to think that maybe this could have been resolved had Punk not done commentary last year when he was out of action with a hip injury. That month or so probably wouldn’t have been long enough for him to really get a break, but maybe it would have helped.

I personally don’t want to see Punk leave the WWE. Not only for his sake, but for the sake of all those indy wrestlers who still dream to be in the WWE.

If CM Punk has lasted this long in the company, and still doesn’t get what he deserves, then what chance do any others have?

Punk is the best of both worlds; he’s this rebel Superstar who doesn’t exactly fit the mold of John Cena, Randy Orton or anyone else, but he is just as popular as them all.

All this being said though, if he needs a break, he needs a break. The WWE should just give it to him, let him rest up for a month or two or three. Everyone will be better off if they just give it to him before he burns himself out completely and they really lose him.

With a couple of months off, he’ll come back with plenty of time for Wrestlemania, and he’ll still be putting on great matches for the company.

Back to the vow he’s made… is this the beginning of the end? Is CM Punk ready to leave the WWE? Or could this be something different altogether?

Kings of Wres-… Sports Entertainment?

Last week, former Ring of Honor tag team champions Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero, the Kings of Wrestling, had try-out matches with the WWE.

Wrestling news sites noted that WWE officials were “impressed” by the Kings of Wrestling. Of course.

Castagnoli and Hero are two of the very best in ROH, which is truly saying a lot. Unfortunately, ROH is currently not on television; they do have a big television deal though.

If there ever was a time for Castagnoli and Hero to part from the company, this seems to be that time. If they are signed to the WWE, it’ll hurt ROH, because they are such great talents, but the company will survive without them.

I’m sure there are fans who are dead-set against the team signing with the WWE and it sometimes baffles me why some are so against these big indy stars moving to the bigger company.

Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero, Kings of Wrestling

I’m all for these indy stars getting their shot in the WWE. They’re talented and they’ve got good looks.

A lot of these guys grew up wanting to be a WWE Superstar. There was no Ring of Honor.

The WWE offers them a lot that the indy wrestling scene can’t provide. Money, being one of those things. Though everyone says “money doesn’t matter, it’s about doing what you love,” – money doesn’t hurt either.

Smart decision is to take the chance and sign them. If they’re looking to rejuvenate their nearly-non-existenttag team division, this is their opportunity. If they still don’t give too much mind to the division, well then Castagnoli and Hero will do just fine as singles competitors.

There’s a lot of potential for really great matches with their former ROH stars. They’ve gathered quite the collection after-all. Who knows, maybe it might even convince a certain other WWE Superstar and ROH alum to stay in the company.

Of course, hoping and wishing  the best to Castagnoli and Hero is easy to do; a lot of us said the same thing when the WWE signed Bryan Danielson. And now? We’re not all thrilled with everything he’s done since his signing.

We’re just never satisfied.


4 thoughts on “WWE talent – two in, one out?

  1. I hear you about Punk! The issue isn’t that he’s leaving because he’s burnt out. The issue is that he was misused and not seen as the Main Event talent he was by WWE.

    This really does make hard on other Indy wrestlers…that’s a great point. I hadn’t thought of it that way. Like you said, if Punk didn’t make it, what chance do they have?

    I guess the question is, what can we as fans do about this? How can we make it clear to WWE we want more wrestlers Main Eventing than just the steroid-laced ones?


    • That’s the million dollar question. Here’s an additional one – why are they igoring good business? Like with Zack Ryder. People want to see him, doesn’t it make sense that putting him on TV would equal money for them? I really don’t get their business decisions.

      • I say this on my blog all the time! WWE continually does things that go against Business 101…

        Give your consumer what they want.

        You’re right–the fans (not just Smarks) are starting to mark for Ryder and Evan Bourne…so these guys needs to start being on TV every week. Hopefully WWE gets the message.

        They’ve actually been good the past month or so with pushing newer, younger talent and giving us some fresh faces…especially on RAW. I hope they continue that trend w/ Ryder and Bourne.


  2. Yeah, with Evan Bourne getting wins over Jack Swagger… It’s what the fans want to see. And they also want to see Zack Ryder get a victory.

    Why not just go for it? Give them what they want, and they’ll keep coming back for more.

    Really makes you question the people running things when they have such an obvious money maker on their hands. Even if it’s not something that’ll last.

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