Memories of the “Macho Man”

As many of you have already heard, WWE legend “Macho Man” RandySavage died in a car accident this morning. Reports indicate the accident was due to Savage suffering a heart attack. His wife, Lynn, was also injured in the accident. 

I don’t really have to tell anyone why Randy Savage was great and is always at the top of the ‘Who we want tosee in the Hall of Fame’ lists. His Wrestlemania match with Steamboat is one of the best, his voice and catchphrases so memorable. He was one of few wrestlers that everyone knew. Whether you were an actual fan of wrestler, didn’t matter, you knew who the “Macho Man” Randy Savage was.

The Macho Man will always hold a special place personally.

My earliest memory as a child wasn’t dressing up in my mom’s clothes or one of my birthday parties, it was watching the Ultimate Warrior beat the Macho Man and Sensational Sherri attacking him in the ring afterwards. Of course, unable to watch any more, Miss Elizabeth, who was watching from the crowd, hopped over the rail and into the ring where she pulled Sherri off of a beaten Savage, throwing her out of the ring completely. Watching them reunite, with Savage holding open the ring ropes for her – that’s what I remember.

I grew up watching wrestling, my older brother watched it, so when I was younger, I sort of had to. I don’t know if Wrestlemania VII was one of the few VHS tapes we had or why that specific part is what I remember, but it is.

The love and passion I have for wrestling now, was started with that one memory, that one moment in wrestling history.

I’m especially heartbroken to see a Superstar whom I associate so strongly with my entire love of professional wrestling pass away.

Rest in Peace, “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Oooh, yeeeaah!


One thought on “Memories of the “Macho Man”

  1. Thanks for the posts about the Macho Man. When I heard, I honestly teared up a little. Bought a t-shirt for myself and my oldest son today. Watching Randy fight was the best bonding time my son and I ever had… *sniff*

    If anyone’s wondering, here’s the t-shirt I got.

    My brother told me they have a mug too, but I can’t find it. If anyone knows where it is, please let me know. Of all the years I’ve been watching, Randy Savage has been the one true great for me. Shame he didn’t get to see the hall of fame in his lifetime…

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