RAW Thoughts: Edge retires

from PWInsider.com

For those who are wondering, the Edge retirement speech was 100% legitimate and real. We were told by a company source earlier this evening that when the major announcement was made tonight, it was not an angle and not storyline.
The story that Edge told about medical tests coming back and showing there was a new issue with his neck and being advised he must retire is true. He was basically handed a mic and told to go out and say goodbye however he wanted.


One thought on “RAW Thoughts: Edge retires

  1. Since Chris Benoit died, Edge has been my number one favorite wrestler. Also like Benoit, Edge’s theme music is a favorite. Among the moments I’ll remember most about Edge, his Money-In-The-Bank storyline and The Undertaker choke-slamming Edge through the ring will really stand out. I’ll miss “The Ultimate Opportunist”.

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