RAW Thoughts: 2-21-11


The Undertaker’s illustrious return was foiled by another returning Superstar – Triple H. The King of Kings showed no fear when he stepped toe-to-toe with the Deadman and without a word being spoken, challenged the undefeated Phenom at the show of shows, Wrestlemania.

It’s pretty much all but confirmed that we are going to get Undertaker-Triple H II at Wrestlemania XXVII, a rematch from the bout at Wrestlemania X-Seven.

We all know that I am a huge Undertaker fan, and as much as it stung to hear the crowd go nuts for Triple H, I know it was well deserved. Triple H has been out of action longer than the Undertaker – nearly a year – and even I will admit, the Undertaker being ‘revealed’ as the mystery man behind the 2-21-11 vignettes is slightly disappointing when we all had our hearts set on Sting. So, Triple H making his long-awaited return to such a great ovation was really great.

While I do have certain reservations over the Undertaker facing yet another man for the second time at Wrestlemania, there really wasn’t anything that could have been done about it. The Undertaker is probably, at-best, nearly ready for the ring. In his time-off, speculations ran wild on whether he’d even be ready in time for Wrestlemania. Being the trooper he is though, he’s back and will give his all at Wrestlemania, I’m sure.

The upside to this match is that we’re guaranteed a good match. The Undertaker, even in bad situations, can pull off a good match and Triple H, love him or hate him, he can deliver when he needs to. Triple H can carry a lot of the weight of the match, if Taker isn’t physically ready to give a grueling match, like he has the last couple of years.

What’s great is that I think there is some real potential for a great story.

It’s hard not to compare anything to Underatker-Shawn, but with five weeks until Wrestlemania, they’ve got to build some emotion.  What he and Shawn did, few can do. They’re matches were great, but what really drove it all, at least for me, was their story and the build up to the match and the emotion invested in it.  The face vs. face thing is great when the fans actually care about what’s going on.

Looking forward to these next few weeks leading up to Wrestlemania XXVII. I don’t think we’ll get Undertaker-Shawn caliber matches or build, but I also don’t expect it. The build up will be key though.  It’s hard to get fans emotionally invested in a storyline, but the magic is there if they can work it this time around. I hope they can.


2 thoughts on “RAW Thoughts: 2-21-11

  1. Good read Lucy! I hated the way this came off on tv. All that hype and no payoff. Shitty planning.

    • I thought it came off good, but it wasn’t really enough.

      They had the whole 2-21-11 set up the first hour and we got to ‘Taker, but Triple H interrupting him and then neither one saying a word kind of left me unsatisfied.

      I wanted more interaction from them.

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