Remembering Tough Enough

In anticipation for the return of Tough Enough, I scoured YouTube looking for old videos. I thought I’d share two of my favorites.

Early in the first season of Tough Enough, Triple H visited the competitors at Trax and gave them a lecture on what it means to be in the business of professional wrestling.

This, I think, is Triple H’s greatest work. I believe completely that this is not ‘Triple H,’ but Paul Levesque, but nonetheless, he shows so much passion for the wrestling business. His honesty is brutal and cold, but so real. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of Triple H’s, you feel his passion and believe every word he says because it’s said with not just intensity of a promo on RAW, but because it’s said with actual real emotion. He lives the business and if your heart isn’t, as he points out, don’t f’n waste their time.

Of course, you can’t remember Tough Enough without talking about this little gem. The Tough Enough Challenge not only introduced the WWE Universe to the Miz, but also gave the fans a great topic of discussion when Kurt Angle issued an open challenge to the TE competitors and the eventual winner, Daniel Puder, raised his hand to accept.

One of the first things I noticed, looking back on this, is the crowd. The crowd was on fire for this. No matter how real or scripted this may or may not have been, the fact remains that the live crowd loved it and it had people talking. Two very important thing. You can be the greatest wrestler in the business (which, in this specific case, Kurt Angle arguably is), but if you can’t get the crowd to react or people talking, there’s no point to anything you do in the ring.

With the ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin hosting, I’m already super excited for the debut on the revamped season of Tough Enough. I was always a big fan of the series, so I hope this will live up to everything that the old Tough Enough was and winds up being much more.

–Lucha Lucy


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