Top 3 Changes for WWE in 2011

The New Year is underway and I hope you all celebrated in a safe and most fabulous way, but the parties are over and now we have the rest of the year to look forward to.

After watching Monday Night Raw, I started thinking about what changes would make their product better. Here’s what I came up with.

1. Reveal the anonymous General Manager:

There’s honestly no reason to have this mystery GM. I was okay with the concept in the beginning, but it was one of those gimmicks that needed to end within a certain amount of time. Unfortunately, that alloted time has elapsed. There isn’t any point to these emails and interruptions anymore. They need a real person to make matches, help build feuds and storylines, interact and be a real presence amongst the wrestlers. It’ll add a certain element that’s been missing for a while — since the start of the guest host ordeal.

I think the reason it’s gone on this long is that they’ve yet to come to a decision on who it is they want to fill the role. Michael Cole is still my choice for the GM though. Revealing him in the beginning could have been really great, but not doing so has been a good move for him as well. I think he’ll still be able to pull off being the GM and an announcer. He’ll continue doing what he’s been doing, but you remove the silly flashing lights, beeping and laptop. The only real problem I see there though, is the amount of time it’ll take to do everything in the ring, as opposed to cutting to backstage segments. We’ll have Cole running from ringside to backstage, back to ringside. It’s not an efficient thing, but adding Josh Matthews to the MNR broadcasting team could alleviate some of that.

2. Rebuild the Tag Team and Diva’s divisions

The Divas division finally has Natalya as their star, but as great as she is, she needs to showcase some personality. Other Divas like Michelle McCool and Layla have a ton of personality that, whether you like it or you don’t, grab your attention. Natalya hasn’t been able to do that. Maryse has some personality, but she’s split between the Divas and Teddy, Melina is still coming back into the heel persona and they’ve been relying on LayCool for too long now. Build someone up! They’ve got some new Divas to work with, but they’ve got to get the Divas they have now some more in-ring training. They’ve got to get rid of the sloppy, depthless Divas matches.

As for the Tag Team division… it’s a pretty hot mess at the moment. The WWE had 4 legit tag teams last year, and now, they no longer exist. As well as Santino is over with the fans, they don’t do anything to make him a serious competitor, so him and Koslov holding the brand new Tag Team Championships is pretty ridiculous.

As much as I hate the random pairing of two Superstars to form a tag team, Trent Barreta and Curt Hawkins’ tag team partners were released from the company. Why not throw them together? There’s a storyline built into them already. There really isn’t much more damage to the tag team division that can occur and neither one of them is really making an impact on their own. At least then there would be another tag team to throw into the mix. I’d also like to see Slater and Gabriel pushed harder as a tag team.

3. Even out the rosters

Is it any more obvious that Raw is the ‘A’ show and Smackdown! is the ‘B’ show? Raw has the bigger names and the bigger storylines.

Smackdown! has some great, young talent in Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes, as well as some great veterans like Edge, Rey Mysterio and The Undertaker, but when WWE Creative shows very little interest in them, how can they compete and grow against John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Wade Barrett and the Nexus, King Sheamus, an anonymous General Manager and Michael Cole? They simply can’t.

Raw is stacked and can’t even utilize a lot of their talent because of it; they need to move a big name or two over to Smackdown! and with as much effort they put into The Nexus storyline in the beginning, they need to put the same into stories and feuds on Smackdown!.

As a bonus…

4. Keep pushing younger Superstars

In 2010, the WWE did a really great job at pushing the younger talents and actually give an earnest effort into creating new, credible stars. Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, David Otunga — they were all guys that either accomplished something or made you take notice of them. You could even add The Miz to that list, he’s grown leaps and bounds over the years, but really came into his own this past year. The need for the young guys is slapping Vince and Creative in the face, and they’ve finally seemed to take notice of it.

They’ve done great things with the Nexus and Wade Barrett, but they’ve got to continue it. Nothing good comes from pushing a guy like Jack Swagger into the World title scene and then letting him do nothing in the mid-card level of the ‘B’ show.

If WWE can stay on top of getting these younger guys over and start making them legit Superstars, they’re only setting themselves up for great pay-offs. It’s a win-win if they can continue this trend.


There are a few other things I would change, but they’re not things I really see happening in the near future. Mainly, a desperately-needed John Cena heel turn and the reduction of monthly PPVs. But I guess that’s another blog post altogether.

— Lucha Lucy


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