Match of the Year Candidates Needed

Lucha Lucy is getting ready for the second annual LuchAwards, but I need your help.

I need nominees for the Match of the Year. Any matches from WWE, TNA and ROH are acceptable.

Leave all of your Match of the Year candidates (including the date and/or event where it took place) in the comment section below, please.

— Lucinda


2 thoughts on “Match of the Year Candidates Needed

  1. Kurt Angle v AJ Styles (TNA Impact Jan 4th)
    Tyler Black v Roderick Strong v “A Double” Austin Aries (RoH:Big Bang! April 3rd)
    Kings of Wrestling v Briscoes (RoH:Death Before Dishonor VIII June 19th)
    Daniel Bryan v Chris Jericho (WWE NXT Feb 23rd)
    Kurt Angle v Mr.Anderson (TNA Lockdown April 18th)
    Shawn Michaels v Undertaker (WWE Wrestlemania XXVI March 23rd)
    Davey Richards v Tyler Black (RoH Death Before Dishonor VIII June 23rd)
    Dolph Ziggler v Daniel Bryan (WWE Bragging Rights Oct 24th)
    Chris Jericho v Evan Bourne (WWE Fatal Four Way June 18th)
    Kurt Angle v Aj Styles (TNA Genesis Jan 17th)
    Beer Money v Motor City Machineguns (all 5 matches in best of 5 series)

  2. I agree with the above comment about Daniel Bryan v Chris Jericho (WWE NXT Feb 23rd). That was a great match. For TNA, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad match between AJ Styles and Kurt Angle.

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