Survivor Series Predictions

I usually don’t make predictions, but I thought I’d go ahead and give them for tonight’s pay-per-view. Survivor Series does hold a special place in my heart after-all. Let’s dive right in…

John Morrison vs. Sheamus – I’m going with Sheamus here. If they plan on continuing this feud then it’d be better to wait and let JoMo get the win once he’s built up a little more momentum.

LayCool vs. Natalya – Natalya has to get the win here. She’s been facing LayCool for a while now and now that the Hart Dynasty is over with, she can be the face of the Diva’s division.

Slater/Gabriel vs. Santino/Koslov – I’m leaning towards Nexus retaining. It’d be nice to see Santino get a push because he is so over with the fans, I just don’t think it’s gonna happen. It’s a toss-up though. Especially depending on JoMo and Barrett’s matches.

Team Mysterio vs. Team Del Rio – Who do I want to see take the win? Team Del Rio, all the way. But of course, you already knew that. Although, I think the faces are going to take this.

Daniel Bryan vs. Ted DiBiase Jr. – Daniel Bryan. Simply because this match came out of no where and wasn’t given any real time to progress. I think it’ll be a really good match, but I’m sure Bryan will retain.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kaval – I’d really like to see Kaval take the win and the US title here. It’ll give him a really great push.

Kane vs. Edge – Kane will win. I’m personally really upset that The Undertaker won’t be involved in some way because it’s 20 years to the day that he debuted in the WWE. I’m secretly hoping that he will have some type of presence and maybe screw Kane out of the title, but I don’t think that will be the case.

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett – What I want to see… Wade Barrett get the win and Cena turns heel. Cena doesn’t have to ‘stay’ Nexus, but rather just be an associate with them. In a dream world. I’d still love to see Barrett win, I think it could really make him as a Superstar if he were to win and carry it well. I do love Orton, but I think WWE needs to take a risk like they did with Sheamus, but they also need to let Barrett carry the title like a real champion, not just a holder until they can get it back to Cena or Orton.

There you go… Lucha Lucy’s Survivor Series predictions. I’ll have live results throughout the pay-per-view tonight.


3 thoughts on “Survivor Series Predictions

  1. Good predictions & thoughts, Lucy. I won’t be watching SS tonight… been slacking on the wrestling department especially since SD moved. I’m in the stone ages right now; economy has left me cable tv-less. LOL. I agree with your ideas about Taker showing up. That would be awesom.

    • Aw, that’s stinks. Do you have a computer? You can always watch online. =) And if not, you can always come back to catch the results here.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. I agree with all of your predictions. It took a while, but I’ve become a Del Rio fan. Having his own announcer got Del Rio over with me, LOL.

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