Which Show is Best?

I’m currently watching TNA iMPACT!. It’s Shannon Moore vs. Abyss in a Casket Match. I really don’t care about it. And by the looks of it on Twitter, many of the people I follow don’t seem to care too much for it either.

On Monday though, I see a lot of people saying they hate RAW and say they’re tired of Cena and Orton and Nexus. And the same probably goes on Friday during Smackdown!.

There are fans who swear by TNA and others who do the same for WWE.

I tend to think that there is no real satisfying wrestling fans, myself included, but I’m wondering… what show do YOU think is best?


2 thoughts on “Which Show is Best?

  1. You’ve posed a very interesting question: which IS best? IMHO all of the wrestling shows have their own glaring faults (I can’t speak on ROH; I’ve never seen it).

    For example, the WWE Divas, for the most part, are the Bring-home-to-Mom types (boring), while the TNA Knockouts scream sexual energy (not boring at all). However, WWE seems to have more respect for the wrestlers who helped WWE become what it is. TNA fired The Fallen Angel and The Canadian Destroyer, plus Shark Boy disappeared and, whenever I see The Amazing Red, he’s jobbing. I also miss Awesome Kong.

    I agree with you about not being able to please wrestling fans, but, I truly think that if we got everything we wanted, we wouldn’t watch. Part of the reason I watch wrestling is that I want to see if the things I don’t like are going to change (even though I know they probably won’t, at least for a long time). As much as I dislike Triple H, I DID tune in to see if he was going to lose. I tune in to TNA to see if someone is going to shove Jeff Hardy’s new (ugly, IMO) belt where the sun doesn’t shine. I tune in to WWE to see if someone is going to slap the baby oil off of Randy Orton.

    I don’t even think I can answer in terms of which I think is best… maybe which show stinks the least at any given time, LOL. Great, thought-provoking post :)

    • Oh yes, I agree completely that all of these shows have major faults. And I think you’re right about watching just to see if anything has changed.

      I think a lot of those fans who complain about a show, watch it to see if anything is different or if there are any changes.

      There are definitely some things each company can take from the other. WWE doesn’t do blood, but TNA uses blood for all the wrong reasons – WWE goes overboard when they stop a match for blood and TNA uses it simply because they can, not because it happens or because it fits the match/story.

      I guess looking at it as ‘the lesser of all evils’ is a way of putting it. Haha.

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