Heaven Needed A Little Latino Heat

Today marks the 5th anniversary since the wrestling world lost Eddie Guerrero.

I know that there have been a lot of great people lost over the years, and of course, they all mean something, but for me personally, and for a lot of others too, I think, Eddie death was the first big one that really, really hit hard.

That might be a terrible thing to say when you think back and remember all those who went before him, but it’s the honest truth. As sad and hard I might have taken the loss of anyone before him, I took Eddie’s death a bit harder.

Maybe it was because I was more mature and had that much more of a strong passion and love for wrestling, as opposed to when I was younger… I don’t really know how to explain it.

It’s really hard to jump online in the morning and see that a wrestler has passed away, unfortunately, it isn’t an uncommon thing nowadays, but it doesn’t make it any easier. It’s also a pretty odd feeling to be the person to tell another fan, as passionate as you, who loved Eddie as much as you, that he died. Before Eddie Guerrero, I don’t think I had really ever connected and was really great friends with anyone who loved wrestling as much as I did. And to be the one to tell them? It’s a really weird feeling that just made everything that day extremely saddening.

The days after (and even a bit now) it was actually a little unbelievable that Eddie was gone. It didn’t seem real…like it never happened, like he was still around.

Eddie Guerrero was an absolute performer – athletically and comedically. He was just too funny. His in-ring work was great and spoke for itself. And if his talent was ever out-shined, it was by his personality. You couldn’t watch a promo or a segment with Eddie and not laugh. He gave Big Show the trots, he tried to sell Kurt Angle’s gold medals (for $1!)… not to mention he had the sweetest rides!

The greatest solace I can take in Eddie Guerrero’s death is that he is putting on some clinics right now in Heaven. Eddie, Owen, Hennig… they’re tearing it up, no doubt.

I miss Eddie. And I miss his smile, but I guess Heaven needed a little Latino Heat.

Viva la raza. Viva Eddie Guerrero.

— Lucinda


One thought on “Heaven Needed A Little Latino Heat

  1. i miss him too.he was so great at what he did. he loved life and his fan. ‘God blessed his life!

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