Eddie Guerrero Month

For those of you who don’t know this already, Novemeber is Eddie Guerrero month. During the 5th anniversary of his death, we’re celebrating the life and career of Eddie Guerrero.

I encourage all of you to comment/send/Tweet your favorite Eddie moments and matches.



On Twitter and Facebook, I hope that you will all show your love for the Latino Heat and change your avatar to a photo of Eddie for the remainder of the month.

— Lucinda


One thought on “Eddie Guerrero Month

  1. My best Eddie Guerrero memory: Eddie was in a tag team match (I can’t remember who he was teaming with or who he was fighting against), but, out of nowhere, the crowd starts chanting “cheat, Eddie, cheat!” Eddie just shrugged his shoulders, released the tag rope, and hit one of the opponents while the ref’s back was turned. It was great!

    Speaking of the tag rope, I also loved it when the ref would accuse Eddie of cheating and Eddie would hold the tag rope and cross his heart. “No ref, I’m innocent!” LOL!

    I still have an Eddie Guerrero WWE T-shirt that I’ve never worn. It’s still folded and fresh as the day it came in the mail. I miss Eddie.

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