Kane Out of the Shadows

If you’ve spent more than ten minutes talking to me about wrestling, you’d know that I hate Kane. I’ve never liked him.

As much as I don’t like him though, I have to admit that this feud with the Undertaker has brought out the very best in him.

Before this title reign his total days as champion amounted to a single day. He’s either been jobbed to people he shouldn’t be jobbing to or he’s been squashing people who shouldn’t be squashed. And when he wasn’t doing those things he was sitting in the Undertaker’s shadow.

Even during the numerous times he’s either gone head-to-head or aligned himself with Taker as the Brother’s of Destruction, he’s always been out-shined. Finally though, Kane is back to being his true monster-self.

Personally, I wasn’t looking forward to yet another feud between the two, but I find myself looking forward to Kane’s promos on Smackdown! every week. And I also found myself choosing Kane to win at Night of Champions, simply for the reason of seeing the two at Hell in a Cell.

Kane’s promo work has been amazing since the Undertaker was put into a vegetated state. Everything he says in his promos has you listening to his every word, and really just has you paying attention to Kane. I can’t remember the last time Kane did something that people actually cared about.

Kane’s in-ring work has been pretty decent as well. His match at Night of Champions, although a No-Holds-Barred match, was great. When two 40+ year olds can put on a really good match, you take notice. We’ve seen the great matches Taker puts on, but when was the last time we saw a great match from Kane?

What’s great about their story this time around is that Kane’s been DOMINATING the Undertaker. That’s never happened before, not since Kane first debuted. The Undertaker’s always been on top and now we’re seeing Kane as the dominant brother. For now at least, but is still pretty great since he’s never gotten this chance before.

Kane’a really made the fans take notice of him and now with the return of Paul Bearer, I only expect this feud to be even better. That last missing element is finally there.

My only gripe though, is that unfortunately for Kane, and remember this is coming from someone who isn’t a Kane fan, is that it’s come so late in his career. I’ve wanted for so long for him to be that monster he was when he first debuted at Bad Blood, ripping the cell door off it’s hinges. I saw nothing but opportunity for him to help push mid-card guys on all RAW, Smackdown! and even ECW, but it never came. Now, over ten years since  his first title ‘reign,’ he gets the title and gets this opportunity to really step out of the shadows and showcase himself.

It’s a shame that now that we’ve all been blown away by Kane’s performances in recent months, we have to question whether this is his last run as an active wrestler.

Whether it is his last run, I think when this storyline with The Undertaker is all said and done, fans will look at him in a different light and finally give him the credit he deserves. I have.

— Lucha Lucy


2 thoughts on “Kane Out of the Shadows

  1. 1. “He’s either been jobbed to people he shouldn’t be jobbing to or he’s been squashing people who shouldn’t be squashed.” (You read my mind!)

    2. “What’s great about their story this time around is that Kane’s been DOMINATING the Undertaker.” (I know you love the Undertaker and I do too, but I like this change in their sibling rivalry. Undertaker isn’t giving Kane his usual “little brother spanking”, LOL!)

    I compliment you on giving credit where credit is due.

    • Haha. Yeah, usually Taker just dominates and it’s no contest and no doubt who is the better of the two, but now they’re giving Kane some leverage.

      Thanks for commenting!

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