WWE SummerSlam Quick Results!

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston — no contest due to interference by the Nexus

Melina def. Alicia Fox — Melina is the new Diva’s Champion

Big Show def. Straight Edge Society

Randy Orton def. Sheamus — Sheamus is DQ’d for knocking a ref out of the ring, and retains the title.

Kane def. Rey Mysterio — Kane attempts to put Rey into the casket, The Undertaker is waiting inside and starts to attack Mysterio. He then turns around and tries to attack Kane, but Kane is able to over power him and lays Taker out with a Tombstone.

Team RAW def. Team Nexus — After already accepting the offer earlier in the night, Miz starts making his way out when Cena interrupts him and announces a new 7th member — the returning Daniel Bryan! Barrett taps after Cena applies the STF and gets the win for Team RAW.


2 thoughts on “WWE SummerSlam Quick Results!

  1. I didn’t watch the PPV, but I did follow the news on the web (In fact, the only PPV’s I ever watch are The Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania. If I’m paying for it, I want to see as many Superstars as possible). But, back to the point…

    1. Melina def. Alicia Fox: I’m not happy with this result. Melina just returned and I would have liked to see her work her way back up the ladder a bit, even though she was champ when she left. I think to give Melina the belt so soon after her return somewhat devalues the belt and the good work Alicia has been doing.

    2. Kane def. Rey Mysterio: I was afraid this would turn out like the Melina/ Alicia Fox match, but I’m glad it didn’t. Kane deserves the belt; he’s waited a LONG time despite being champ material years ago. Losing to Rey would’ve been an insult, especially since Kane won the belt only a month ago.

    3. Team RAW def. Team Nexus: I think this result stinks. Not only did Bryan return to FIGHT the Nexus, but Wade Barrett tapped out. The Nexus has had a great build-up and losing at SummerSlam, especially by tap-out, gives the potential for the Nexus to lose steam.

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