WWE’s NXT Break-Out Star?

We’ve had two eliminations on this season of NXT, so I ask you all… who do you think will be the WWE’s NXT break-out star?

This season has a good lot of guys who have the potential to be big players. Michael McGullicutty is really good, so long as he can come into his own, he’ll be a star. Lucky Cannon has a good look. Percy Watson is extremely charismatic. We already know Kaval’s potential.

The two Rookies who’ve stood out the most to me, however, have been Alex Riley and Husky Harris.

I knew Alex Riley would be great, I’ve seen his work before, but when gets on the mic, he just blows everyone else out of the competition. And same goes for Husky. I was really looking forward to this pairing in the beginning, and although they haven’t used them together as much as I thought they would, they’re a great compliment to each other. Husky really is an army tank with a Ferrari  engine, and he too is exceptional on the mic.

There can only be one winner though. Who’s taking the win on NXT season 2?


2 thoughts on “WWE’s NXT Break-Out Star?

  1. I think it all boils down to the final 3 being McGillicutty, Kaval, and Riley, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if MM gets the win. Kaval seems to be over enough on his own, so he doesn’t really need it. Last season they went with a heel, and I don’t think Riley needs the extra push either. If they keep the US title on the Miz and continue this feud between him and Hennig, along with re-adding that “winner gets a title shot” stipulation, I could see Hennig taking the US title from the Miz and starting a feud with Riley out of that.

    Who knows, though. The only thing we can bank on for sure is that Lucky Cannon is definitely not going to win it haha.

    • I could see that. I’d really like to see something between them continue after NXT. Especially with the title in the picture. It could really make them. I agree, Riley doesn’t need the win and neither does Kaval. McGuillicutty could end up the winner.

      Yeah, I don’t think Lucky is going to take it. Haha.

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