Dear Dixie, More MCMG Please

TNA wasn’t too bad last night (although that confusing not-ECW invasion was pretty, um, bad?), but you know what was good? The tag team ladder match with Beer Money, INC and Motor City Machine Guns.

MCMG always deliver good, fast-paced matches that everyone can enjoy, they finally have the tag team titles and they’ve got a couple of teams that they could really go with any night of the week.

Beer Money, Generation Me, 3D, Ink INC,  and maybe even the reuniting LAX. All good teams that will make the TNA tag titles mean something again. There’s so much potential for great matches. With MCMG’s new title reign, hopefully we’ll see a surge in the tag team division and TNA can restore something that was once a bright spot in their company. MCMG is so over, there’s really no reason why they shouldn’t use it to their advantage.

So Mrs. Carter, as you go through your little not-ECW invasion angle, your loyal fans, the ones who’ve stuck with the company, who told all of their friends that they should give TNA a chance, I hope that you can give us this. We’d appreciate it.

— Lucy


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