“Best of WWE” Facts

I went out and bought the new WWE magazine yesterday, the Best of WWE, which features 1,001 answers to fan-asked questions. There’s some really interesting facts in the magazine, so I thought it’d be cool to post a few of them.

(These answers may or may not be the full printed answer, but are correct.)

Q: Who has contested the most matches in WWE history? — Jimmy S.

A: Chris Jericho, with over 650  matches.

Q: Which Superstar has made the most PPV appearances? — Julia B.

A: The Undertaker, with 153 PPVs under his belt.

Q: When were the first -ever Cage, Ladder, Iron Man, Royal Rumble and Hell in a Cell matches contested? — Tim M.

A: Cage Match: 1937, Ladder Match: 1972, Iron Man Match: 1996, Royal Rumble: 1988, Hell in a Cell: 1997.

Q: Which Superstar had the longest hap between two consecutive matches in WWE history? — Derek C.

A: Ricky ‘the Dragon’ Steamboat. Steamboat wrestled his last WWE match in 1991 and then returned to the WWE ring 18 years later at the 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania.

Q: How many miles do WWE Superstars travel in a year? — Neil V.

A: 102,363 miles.

Q: What is the total number of fans who have attended Wrestlemania in the past 26 years? — Alex B.

A: 1,012,167

Q: Which manager led the most Superstars to titles? — Steve S.

A: Captain Lou Albano led 17 tag teams to gold and helped Ivan Koloff end Bruno Sammartino’s 8-year WWE Championship reign.

Q: What is the most expensive WWE ticket ever sold by face value? — Evan K.

A: A Ringside ticket to Wrestlemania XXVI, priced at $755.

Q: Who holds the most title in WWE History? — Matt N.

A: Edge, with 29 title wins. Wold Tag Team: 11; WHC: 5; IC: 5; WWE: 4; WWE Tag Team: 2; US: 1; Unified WWE Tag Team: 1.

Q: What is the rarest WWE action figure ever made? — Colin Q.

A: “The ‘Warrior America’ variant figure features The Ultimate Warrior decked out in red, white and blue, and was designed with input from The Ultimate Warrior himself!” Only 5 figures were ever produced.

Q: When was the first title change on RAW? — Debbie R.

A: Marty Jeanetty def. Shawn Michaels on 5/17/93 to win the Intercontinental Championship.

Q: How many episodes of RAW and Smackdown! have been produced to date? — Thomas R.

A: As of press time, 887 episodes of RAW and 562 episodes of Smackdown! have been produced.

Q: Ric Flair would often ascend ropes, but I can’t recall him actually ever leaping from the top turnbuckle. Am I wrong? — Jasper N.

A: Yes, in his last WWE match he made it to the top rope and hit HBK with a high-cross body. WOOOOOOO!

These are just some of the TONS of questions that are answered.

If you want to read the rest — including the future return of Wrestling Buddies, each stipulation match that’s been contested at a WWE PPV and where fans are most likely to catch a glimpse of their favorite WWE Superstars outside of the ring — head over to http://www.WWEShop.com or any major retail store to pick up a copy of Best of WWE magazine.


2 thoughts on ““Best of WWE” Facts

  1. Hey Lucy! Thanks for some of the WWE Facts! I’m gonna go out and buy the magazine. I passed it on to some other wrestling fans! :)

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