Thoughts on the release of Bryan Danielson

By now, I’m sure that you’ve all heard about the release of Bryan Danielson. For the handful of you who’ve yet to hear of this catastrophe – Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) was released from his WWE contract yesterday. After some speculation as to whether this release was legit or a work, it seems as though it is indeed legit. Unfortunately.

This is the story so far: On Monday, the NXT season 1 rookies made a huge impact on RAW when they destroyed John Cena, CM Punk and a number of announcers, including ring announcer Justin Roberts. On Tuesday, the wrestling world was buzzing about the incident and how well it went. Sometime between then and Friday, possibly Monday night or Tuesday morning, a high ranking person complained to Vince McMahon about the NXT incident. Whoever made the complaint noted that Bryan Danielson choking ring announcer Justin Roberts with his tie was much too violent for their PG-programming; said that it made a statement that it was ‘okay’ and ‘fun’ to choke someone with a tie. Apparaently, this high rank official/suit’s complaint was enough for Vince to have the footage of said portion of the NXT segment of RAW removed from all videos and replays.


I understand that the WWE is PG.  I understand that the WWE needs to always monitor what they do because of what our soceity is in general. Love or hate PG, they can’t do what they used to do because it simply wouldn’t fly as well as it did back then. I get it.

What I don’t get is the extreme measurements that were taken regarding all of this. Was it really necessary for them to fire Danielson? Danielson was a huge part of NXT, he had a great little angle with Michael Cole and The Miz. He was obviously going to be instrumental in the developing angle with the NXT rookies because he is so much more well-rounded and experienced then the others. Couldn’t there have been a punishment that more approprietly fit the crime? I say there was.

Certainly a complaint coming from a top person can’t be completely disregarded, but if Vince thought the angle did well, and all reports have said he was, I honestly don’t see why a short suspension and/or fine couldn’t have been implemented instead.

Once again, I think a simple mistake was over-blown and has resulted in what I can only think is an even bigger mistake in the long run.

Who wins here? Not Bryan Danielson, who was the casualty of this mishap. Not the NXT season 1 rookies, who are on the verge of a huge opportunity. Not the WWE, who is also on the verge of a huge opportunity. And not the fans, who are losing out on seeing one of the best in the world on a much larger platform than he’s ever been on.

Fortunately, I’ve read a few reports that note that the WWE is not happy over the loss of Bryan Danielson and are hoping t bring him back with this incident has blown over. Not to say that Bryan Danielson will still be willing to re-join the company.

Best case scenario: The NXT rookies continue in this angle and in a month’s time or so, we’ll see the return of the American Dragon. Worst case scenario (for the WWE): TNA will be there to pick up another great worker who was let go because of circumstances out of their control.

We’ll see where the WWE and Bryan Danielson go from here.

Disgruntled AmDrag fan,



10 thoughts on “Thoughts on the release of Bryan Danielson

  1. I totally agree with you, Lucy. Bryan was one of my favorites. I’m gonna miss him. I was looking forward to the Bryan/Miz matches. Hopefully, like you said, he will come back after all of this blows over.

    • I hope so. I can’t see them letting go of someone like him for something so silly. Although, they’ve done it before.

      • u kno, even though all this happened…i cant help but feel that this is all a work to get the net fans buzzing, which it clearly has, wwe has been trying to get the net fans for sometime now and what better way then to do it this way, what if its all kayfabe? what if daniel bryan was released and bryan danielson comes in and cleans house? what if it turns out that the higher person was cole trying to keep that angle alive? idk lucy but i dont know if this is one even i, the wizard can forsee…

      • Yeah, that’s a REAL possibility. I’d love for that to be the case. I’ve mentioned on Twitter that the WWE already knows how the IWC will react to something like this. They got us talking about the pairing for him and Miz. They know we’re protective of him and that if something happens that we don’t like, we’re going to get vocal about it. I hope that’s the case. They’d have succeed again.

  2. Do you think Linda running for Senator has anything to do with it?

    • I don’t know. I think she’s done a good job of working around the whole wrestling/violence thing. Haven’t heard anything really big, so I don’t know that this would be because of her campaign. Never really know though.

  3. Eh…WWE fails. I get it too, the whole PG and certain restrictions thing…but really? REALLY? I seriously don’t even remember seeing Danielson do that simply because there was so much going on all at once. Love WWE but sometimes the decisions made piss me off. Danielson can’t choke someone with a tie but no one says anything about Maryse’s shorts getting shorter all the time. Is sex PG? yeah right. Also, c’mon, it’s wrestling. WWE knows kids are copying everything they do already. I think acting like you are choking a friend with a tie is a little more safe than mimmicking high spots and finishers.

    • Yeah, they do really make some dumb moves.

      There at the end of my blog, I mention that this would be ANOTHER silly mishap that leads to a huge loss.

      I was talking about Anderson. They really lost out on a great star.

      And yeah, it’s wrestling. If they didn’t allow things that kids would imitate, then they would be going out there and doing nothing. Of course there’s always that risk, and I can see why they might not have liked it, but grounds for release it wasn’t.

  4. Dude, if this is a storyline it would be one of the best ones yet. I’m highly doubting it is a storyline but it would be epic if it is. Daniel did mention Bryan Danielson in a promo after getting fired from NXT
    I think he said something like “yeah daniel bryan is fired but bryan danielson who knows”. Something to that effect. It would be a huge mistake to fire him. I’m kinda hoping they are repackaging him as Bryan Danielson and Bryan is the person who hurt Taker.
    What are your thoughts

    • I remember that. When he said it I thought we were going to get Bryan Danielson back, but they still kept referring to him as Daniel Bryan, so I was lost on that. Maybe they’re looking to pick up on this again though.

      Reports have gotten ridiculous though. It’s hard to seperate the truth from the rumors.

      Oh man. If they were to bring back Bryan Danielson and have him be the guy who took out Taker…. =]

      That’d be so sick. Not that he needs to get over because he already is, but if they really want to get him straight to the top, where he should be — The Undertaker is the guy to help do it.

      I say leave Cena to Barrett, since he did win and has a title shot coming, and work AmDrag as the guy who took out Taker. Send a few of the NXT guys to SD! with Danielson as the leader and it’d be gold.

      Even if it is legit, maybe in a couple of months he’ll be back and they can still work that angle with Taker.

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