“I will be known from this day forward as The King of Harts!”

Today, May 7th, would have been Owen Hart’s 45th birthday.

There really isn’t much that I can say about Owen Hart that hasn’t been said a million times by his family, friends and fans since that unfortunate day in May of 1999.

I remember listening to the PPV through a scrambled television set. I remember being confused because I didn’t know what was going on. And then I remember Jim Ross saying that he’d passed away. I remember seeing the reports on the news stations later that night.

I remember the following night when RAW IS OWEN aired. I remember crying. I remember seeing all of the wrestlers standing at the top of the ramp during the ten-bell salute. I remember watching all these wrestlers say such wonderful things about their friend. I remember Owen.

As I said before, there isn’t much I can say that hasn’t been said before, so instead, I’d like to share with you what others have said about Owen.


I just can’t believe it. My brother Owen has been taken away from me. He was such a wonderful human being and I will miss him so much. I’ve tried and tried to sum up into words what he meant to me. What he meant to all of us who loved him. It seems everyone knows by now that a great husband, father, son and brother he was. He was, without a doubt, the finest family man that I ever knew. His life was centered around his wife, Martha, his one and only childhood sweetheart and his two beautiful children, Oje and Athena. So many times, i remember he sprinted from the door of the plane, his two carry on bags in each hand, at a full run, worn out and weary, just to clear customs, through the sliding doors, to the outstretched arms. – Bret Hart

Happy Birthday to the late great Owen Hart. We love and miss you each and everyday. God bless you my friend. #ThankYouOwen #ThankYouOwen@OfficialWNC

Remember Mania X when Owen beat Bret? Great match #ThankYouOwen@Chelsea_Vise

Happy birthday Owen (1965-1999) #Thankyouowen #wwe –@SMARKRAGE

You feel the burn when you cry/It starts to come when someone dies/The pain you feel as your eyes swell/And the tears fill up in the wells/The Burn starts to choke you/Words come out slow and shaken/You close your eyes and wonder why that there’s a burning when you cry/When Owen left/It felt like hands around my throat/I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t see/The burn overwhelmed me/My heart is heavy/This is why… you get the burn when you cry/Dig not deep/You cannot sleep/You toss and turn in your sheets/Awaken with sobs and wet pillowcases/You wanter aimlessly, looking to the sky/You feel the burn when you cry. – Mark Henry, RAW IS OWEN

There is only one Owen Hart…There will only ever be one Owen Hart…Try as hard as you can, you will never be as good as him #ThankYouOwen@THUndertakerWWE

Happy Birthday to Owen James Hart. The one wrestler who made me want to start watching it. #thankyouowen for so much. RIP – @ShakiraSwagger6

#thankYouOwen for just being absolutley amazing. RIP to one if the greatest ever – @EdgeUniversity

I’m not going to get into the details of this accident as I really don’t care to know them, all I know is that a friend is gone. Never mind the fact that Owen was a great guy. Never mind the fact that Owen was one of the greatest wrestlers the world has ever seen. Never mind the fact that he was one of the reasons I wanted to become a wrestler. Never mind that I went to the Hart Bros Pro Wrestling camp, in hopes of meeting and training with him. All that matters is that Owen Hart is gone, never to entertain or make us smile again. This was a terrible senseless accident and it puts everything into perspective. Contract disputes, minor injuries, lack of a push, don’t mean squat when you compare them to a family who will never see their father again. God bless you Owen Hart. I know I will always respect and never forget you. – Chris Jericho

#ThankYouOwen We love you, we miss you, and RIP ♥1965 – 1999♥ – @CenaRKOFan4LiFE

Can’t believe its been so long since his passing. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten. #ThankYouOwen –@thesuperplex

would’ve been his 45th birthday the first heel I got behind in some way being the younger brother (Bret vs Owen WM 10) #ThankYouOwen @BigVern624

In this business, I guess you got a log of acquaintances but very few friends. And Owen, he was on of those friends. He did a lot of funny stories, his personality, the things he used to do… and I told my wife a bunch of times about the last couple months I’ve been traveling with Owen on the road… I see Owen more than I see her and my little girl. and he said the same thing. And now that he’s not here, it’s… you look at it almost selfishly. Owen, my buddy, my friend not with me anymore. I know Owen’s in a better place, life isn’t cutting up. But when you really think about Owen’s life, I think about the integrity. Because in this business… it’s cold, it’s callous, it’s selfish, it’s self-serving, it’s unrealistic, it’s a fantasy world. But Owen was real. He was a man’s man. His wife and kids… are 3 of the luckiest people in the world, because he loved them more than anything in the world. And that’s why he did what he did — to provide for them. And he did it with integrity, and integrity in this business is few and far between. that’s not a good thing to know, but it’s the truth. And outside all the laughs… because on the road, without the laughs, you know… the fans get to see Owen 10-15 minutes a week, but when you see him 34 hours a day for 10 or 12 days at a time, he’s one of the guys that made it fun. Made coming to work entertaining off the camera, and that’s just as important as on the camera. Owen… I’ll make the promise to you. ‘Cause you’ve got 2 little kids and I’ve got a little one of my own, as they grow older, the only thing that they might have to find out what their dad was like is wrestling films. But I’ll make the promise to myself… as the years go by, I’ll do my best to let Oje and Athena really know what a great man you were, Owen. […]. – Jeff Jarrett, RAW IS OWEN

#ThankYouOwen you were a class act. Truly talented person, tragedy took you from the world. Happy Birthday andRest in Peace. #owenhart@Dongan51

#ThankYouOwen Now let’s get him in the @WWE Hall of Fame! – @RingsideRants

Owen i know you and Davey and Brian are pulling some great ribs on Curt and Rude up there. #thankyouowen@AndrewG1977

I miss you Owen and I hope that you have stayed on the good side of God with all those practical jokes that I know you are playing in Heaven. – Jim Ross

Everyone has a song in their heart. My families has always been professional wrestling. the hardest aspect of it was always the never ending loneliness. In reflection of that, both you and I understood from the very start that we were singing a very sad song. But neither of us, even at this dark hour, are ashamed at having sung that song. For, no matter what anyone ever thinks, Owen, yours will always be the saddest song I’ve ever heard. I’m lonely for you already. The world loved you very much and we will all miss you for a very long time.

Your loving brother,


Please feel free to leave a comment with some of your favorite Owen memories, matches or just to to say #ThankYouOwen.


“And when I think of Owen, I smile.” – Edge


2 thoughts on “#ThankYouOwen

  1. i did not get to see you in the ring when ou where a live but i seen some of the tapes they are great i would love to had got to know ou as a fan and as a guy. happ brith day!

  2. Here are some more tweets:

    Happy birthday Owen (1965-1999) #Thankyouowen

    #ThankYouOwen for everything. Gone but not forgotton.

    Happy Birthday Owen!! You’re so sadly missed. RIP! #thankyouowen

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