TNA Knockout Tara Announces Departure

TNA Knockout Tara (Victoria) announced via her MySpace blog that she will soon be leaving the company.

She notes that she and TNA weren’t able to come to terms on a pay increase with her new contract. She also claims that the company ‘leaked’ information out to wrestling websites; saying she was hard to work with and that she doesn’t give her best effort.

Personally, I’ve yet to see anything of the sorts. I visit numerous wrestling ‘dirt sheets’ daily and can’t remember seeing anything of the sorts. Not saying they didn’t leak anything. ….i’m just sayin’.

She mentions that she isn’t sure if she is going to continue wrestling or make the jump to MMA.

I think she’ll put wrestling behind her and finally start competing in MMA. It’s something she’s been doing for a while and I think after all the years of wrestling, she’d welcome the change.

Whatever she plans to do, I’m sure that she will fall on her feet and that her fans will stick behind her. She still has a few weeks left in her TNA contract though, and she says that she will continue to be the wrestler she’s been for the last 10 years.

You can read her entire blog on her MySpace blog page. Click here to visit.


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