WWE Draft Results

After last night’s WWE RAW Draft Special, 8 Superstars have traded brands. Here’s a quick recap of who is now where.

-Kelly Kelly to SD!

-Big Show to SD!

-John Morrison to RAW

-R-Truth to RAW

-Edge to RAW

-Kofi Kingston to SD!

-Christian to SD!

-Chris Jericho to RAW

There will be a supplemental draft tomorrow afternoon on WWE.com.

In my opinion, I think that RAW definitely got the better end of the deal. I was happy to see Edge get drafted to RAW, but was disappointed that Christian was then drafted to Smackdown!. I was really hoping to see E & C reunite, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

RAW got two huge names in Jericho and Edge, and although I think that Christian and Kofi Kingston will do well on Smackdown!, it makes me question the WWE’s logic in doing this when Smackdown! will soon be switching over to SyFy and might need those big names to help carry them through the change.

Also, ShowMiz lost their Unified Tag Team titles to the Hart Dynasty and so the Miz is left on Raw with his United States title. I’d really like to see a good program between the Miz and John Morrison. Both are great and John Morrison could really use the push. What worries me is that in bringing JoMo to the Raw brand, they’ve also moved R-Truth to Raw and they could continue to push them as a tag team. Really hope that isn’t the case though.

Something that left me pondering Edge’s move was the attention that was put on Ted DiBiase Jr. after Edge was drafted. I thought maybe that was going to lead into an Edge-DiBiase feud, which could really be great, but at the end of the show Edge interfered in the main event and speared Randy Orton and helped Batista get the victory.

I really hope the WWE decides to draft Randy Orton to the blue team tomorrow so that he can continue his story with Swagger. Smackdown!, with the absence of The Undertaker is lacking star-power, and I hope that Randy Orton will be the big name that’s drafted to their show. I wouldn’t mind seeing another Undertaker-Orton feud down the road. It’s been a while.

Speaking of the Undertaker, I’m really disappointed that I STILL will not get my Undertaker-Jericho feud. Clearly someone is not paying attention and doesn’t see the HUGE potential that is slowly slipping away from our grasps with each and every month that passes.

Check back tomorrow for the rest of the draft shake ups.


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