WWE Extreme Rules Results & News

Just a few more hours until WWE Extreme Rules is live on PPV. If you’re not able to catch the show, please check here for results AS THEY HAPPEN!

Check back at 5PM PST/8PM EST for the live coverage!


-It’s being reported that Bret Hart is backstage at the PPV tonight.

-There’s a lot of speculation over whether this will be Batista’s last match before he retires.


Match 1: Triple H vs. Sheamus, Street Fight

-Triple H’s music is played, but a cut to the back shows that Sheamus is attacking him. Triple H is out as they call for a medic.

-ShowMiz comes out. Teddy Long makes a Tag-Team gauntlet match. ShowMiz will face 3 teams,  the team that defeats them will get a tag-team title match on RAW.

Match 2, Team 1: ShowMiz def. Black Magic & the White Shadow. via DQ

Match 2, Team 2: ShowMiz def. MVP and Mark Henry

Match 2, Team 3: Hart Dynasty def. ShowMiz

Hart Dynasty will get a tag team title match tomorrow night on the 3-hour Draft RAW special.

Match 3: CM Punk def. Rey Mysterio, if CM Punk loses his head will be shaved.

-The SES is removed from ringside.

-A masked man came from under the ring and attacked Rey Mysterio, giving the assist to CM Punk for the win.

Match 4: JTG def. Shad, Leather Strap match.

Match 5: Jack Swagger(C) def. Randy Orton

-After the match Randy Orton hit Swagger with the RKO (OUTTA NO WHERE!)

Match 6: Sheamus def. Triple H, Street Fight

-Looks like Triple H may be out for a few months, as has been rumored.

Match 7: Beth Phoenix def. Michelle McCool, Extreme Makeover

Beth Phoenix is the new WWE Women’s champion.

Match 8: Edge def. Chris Jericho, Steel Cage match

Match 9: John Cena def. Batista, Last Man Standing Match

-John Cena won by duct taping Batista’s legs together around the steel post. …. stupid.

I really did not like the ending of the match. Especially didn’t like it if this was Batista’s last match. I expected John Cena to win, but that was just ridiculous. There were some decent spots in the match, so it was a let down at the end.

I’m very much over the whole John Cena thing.


3 thoughts on “WWE Extreme Rules Results & News

  1. Thought the PPV was not entirely up to scratch, I expected more and was so excited to see that Randy, who is now turning face….(what do you call that, er maybe feel), was going for the World Heavyweight Championship. Was happy to see him in his yellow undies though but very sad to see him lose. Makes me think that he wont go to Smackdown now and that makes me even more sad. :( I do agree with you in that the end of the Batista/Cena match was really stupid, what was that…the duct tape won and the duct tape is now the new World heavyweight Champion? Did like the Punk V Mysterio match though and the Edge V Jericho match was OK, especially when Edge pulled down Jericho’s pants and we were all full mooned, made my day! I am happy that Beth is the new Women s Champion and liked that match probably the most.

  2. Oooops made a mistake….WWE Champion not heavyweight sorry

  3. The PPV definitely had it’s upsides. The Punk-Rey, Edge-Jericho and Swagger-Orton were great.

    Yeah, I was really disappointed with the ending of the LMS match. If that was indeed Batista’s last match, it’s too bad. It was rather ridiculous.

    I thought they made Sheamus and Jack Swagger look very strong. In a time where they’re losing their top names, it’s vital that they get new names out there and looking strong and viable as real competitors.

    Thanks again for commenting. Really appreciate it!

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