WWE DRAFT – My Top 5 Trades

This Monday the WWE is holding it annual 3-hour Draft special.

These are my top 5 trades I’m hoping to see.

5. Christian to SD!
4. Edge to RAW
3. Bourne/Ryder to SD! or Drew McIntyre to RAW
2. Randy Orton to SD!
1.  John Cena to SD!

– Christian isn’t doing anything on RAW, but on Smackdown! he’s got a lot of potential with Edge and Jericho.

– Randy Orton just turned face, he’s been on RAW for quite some time and really doesn’t have anything going for him right now there. He’s got a really good thing going with the Smackdown! brand’s Champion, Jack Swagger though. It just makes sense that he’s drafted.

– As for John Cena… I know, ‘NO WAY!’.  I’m looking at it from a business point of view- Smackdown! is moving to SyFy soon and with The Undertaker gone, John Cena and Randy Orton could really help them with the change.

Cena is so stale on RAW, seriously, how long has he been there? He really could use a change of opponents and scenery.

Problem is though, that it would leave to champions on the same show- Swagger and Cena. I don’t see Cena dropping the title to Batista, who I think is moving to RAW.

I’m not saying that him moving is a sure thing, I just think it wouldn’t hurt. Few details would have to be worked out though.

What do you guys think? Comment and let me know what trades you want to see happen this Monday.


2 thoughts on “WWE DRAFT – My Top 5 Trades

  1. I hope you are right about Randy going to Smackdown and I would like to see Jericho stay on Smackdown as well. Love to see Evan Bourne go to Smackdown as well. Also would like to see The Miz go to Smackdown, the Smackdown Live show is coming to Australia in July/August so would like to see them here then. As for Christian I have a feeling they might leave him where he is and get Edge to go over to Raw and then they could bring back the old Christian and Edge thing again, they were great together. Hope it all happens.

  2. It never fails, I always want to trade people to Smackdown! more than RAW.

    Yeah, that’s why I put both Edge and Christian on there. I don’t think they’d do both, so either way I’d like to see them together on the same brand.

    The benefit to having them on the same show is that they’d be great with or against each other. Doesn’t matter.

    Thanks for commenting! Really appreciate it!

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