BREAKING NEWS! – 7 WWE Releases!

Breaking news – 7 WWE talents released today!

Kung Fu Naki, Jimmy Wang Yang, Slam Master J (Jesse), Mike Knox and Katie Lea Burchill were among the 7 Superstars released today.

The two most shocking releases though were that of Mickie James and Shelton Benjamin.

Mickie James is a real shocker, she’s a huge talent in the Diva’s division and has really carried the whole division for quite some time. With her music career just starting though, I think a lot of us saw that it was coming sooner or later.

For me personally, I think the greatest loss was Shelton Benjamin.

He was a completely home-grown talent of the WWE. Pure talent and athleticism. He’s a real wrestler and although the WWE has stuck him in the back most of his career, I really thought with an exceptional match he had with The Undertaker, last year on Smackdown!, they could have seen a lot more of his potential.

It’s being said that it could have come down to his contract expiring and them not reaching to terms.

In my opinion, if TNA picks up any of these talents, it has to be him.


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