EC Predictions

Since I hate reviews, I’m going to give my predictions for tonight’s Elimination Chamber PPV.

-Gail Kim vs. Maryse-

I’d like to see Gail Kim win this, but I think they’re going to give it to Maryse.

-Drew McIntyre vs. Kane-

I’m going with Drew McIntrye. It’d be a really ridiculous move to give the title to Kane when they want to push McIntyre as a real star. I would, however, like to see Dolph Ziggler try to interfere and successfully distract Kane and allow McIntyre to get the victory. Kane vs. any of these guys is going no where, so why not put them against each other?

-WWE Championship Elimination Chamber-

This is a hard one, I think it’s fairly obvious that John Cena won’t win because of the story with Batista. Kofi Kingston and Ted DiBiase aren’t looking like strong contenders right now. So, that leaves Sheamus, Triple H and Randy Orton. There’s a couple of ways I’d like to see this go tonight.

1. I’d like to see the final three guys be Trips, Orton and DiBiase; Teddy goes for the pin on Trips, but Orton breaks it up and pins DiBiase instead. This of course will lead up to the eventual Orton vs. DiBiase match at Wrestlemania. Problem with this is that it doesn’t leave Trips in a main event spot and you know that won’t go over well. Toss up between Trips and Orton.

2. Sheamus retains, building him up as a real champion. He hasn’t done much as a champion thus far, but he has a ton of potential. Defeating this list of guys in the EC and then going on to probably face Triple H at Wrestlemania is a huge push for him and will give him some real credibility.

Toss up between Randy Orton and Sheamus.

-WHC Elimination Chamber-

As much as I’d love to say the Undertaker is retaining tonight, I think this is the end of the Undertaker’s reign. That being said, I my picks for this EC match is Chris Jericho, not only does he seem like the most likely person to win, but I honestly think that he deserves this title right now. He’s been top-notch for the past couple of years.  I expect this to be a great match, we’ve got The Undertaker, Chris Jericho, CM Punk, John Morrison and Rey Mysterio. That’s gotta be good stuff.

Other notes:
I hope they throw in another match. I think it would have been a pretty neat idea if they were to have an ECW Battle Royal where the winner gets to choose the show he goes to.

Also, I expect Edge to make an appearance at some point. Maybe drops by both EC matches for a few minutes to scope out the competition.

Last year, No Way Out was my favorite PPV, so I really hope they don’t disappoint this year.

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2 thoughts on “EC Predictions

  1. I think you’re spot on in your predictions, Lucy! I have had some of the same thoughts. I am going woth Shaemus & Jericho in the end as well. And let’s see what Edge will be up to. I can’t watch tonight since I’m working, but will definately be wondering.

  2. Jericho for sure, and if they’re willing to go the whole way with Sheamus, a win here will really help him.

    If you’re going to be checking in on Twitter, I’ll DM you the results, if you’d like.

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