WWE vs. TNA?


It’s 2010, hope it’s starting off well for all of you Luchadors. With the new year comes a new beginning.

Tonight, for the first time ever, WWE Monday Night Raw will be going up against TNA iMPACT!. Not only are we seeing what could be the beginnings of a second Monday Night War, but we’re also getting two (possibly more!) HUGE names on the two respective shows.

We will witness WWE RAW vs. TNA iMPACT! and we will also get to witness Hulk Hogan vs. Bret Hart, in a way no one could have predicted.

So, I want to know what will you be watching?

The three-hour TNA iMPACT! debut of the Hulk Hogan? Or will you be watching the long awaited return of  Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart on Monday Night Raw?

Vote and let me know!

I’ll have the votes posted at least an hour before our first dose of wrestling tonight.


4 thoughts on “WWE vs. TNA?

  1. Definitely Raw (because I’ll be there), but plan on DVRing TNA. Impact should be interesting, but the return of Bret Hart 12 years later? Nothing else comes close.

  2. Impacts first hour will not be going head to head with Raw, so ill watch at least one whole hour of that show. Ill watch Raw, and flip to Impact whenever the divas, DX comedy skits or another painful to watch Chavo squash match.

  3. @Jerry – that’s a lot of time you’ll spend watching iMPACT! then. LOL. I’ll be watching the first hour of iMPACT! and then when RAW starts, i’ll be switching over on commercials.

    @Razor – No doubt, Bret’s return is HUGE! What a great show to be at. Have fun.

  4. Definitely TNA, and the Hulk and Brett matchup was awesome!

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