Review: TNA Turning Point

I don’t typically write reviews. I don’t care much for them and my reviews will be few and far between, but I did want to ‘review’ last night’s Turning Point pay-per-view for a couple of reasons.

Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe – INCREDIBLE. Do whatever you can to see this match. The stream I had cut out at the end, but believe me when I say this match is as textbook as you can get. Classic.

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Daniels – Simply phenomenal. TNA really stepped up their game with this match. It was another classic. It was eveything you would expect from these three guys. Fantastic match.


Amazing Red def. Homicide to retain the X-Division title.
ODB/Taylor Wilde/Sarita def. The Beauiful People to retain their Knockout and Knockout Tag-Team titles.
The British Invasion def. MCMG and Beer Money, INC to retain their Tag-Team titles.
Tara def. Awesome Kong
3D & Rhyno def. Hernandez/Matt Morgan/D’Angelo DiNero
Scott Steiner def. Bobby Lashley
Kurt Angle def. Desmond Wolfe
AJ Styles def. Samoa Joe & Daniels to retain his TNA World Heavyweight Championship.


One thought on “Review: TNA Turning Point

  1. the Desmond wolfe build up was far fetched and i like how he just showed up and made a name for himself, his music stinks but what gives to be a proper awakening is a rude one. TNA is headed in a proper direction pushing wolfe as they are, very amusing stuff; wwe wouldn’t dare to do such things.

    Amazing red winning is what i was hoping for, considering his recent history; losing via (management choices) Obviously in the past red’s outcome in matches have been cut short to injuries or not being considered value but now everything has changed which makes me happy as a red fan, hes finally winning, for once.

    The British Invasion is by far the coolest stable today, world elite in its own as the proper heels discretion. B.I. stand out as the best trio other then the fact “the big guy” is pretty big and he is way to big to be a normal athlete but again what has he done, nothing. Aside from all this the invasion group is very well done and i may add, i hope they stay but Brutus is the character to watch his promo skills and athletic ability stands out, the hand wrist twists and hand shakes at entrance start is funny lol can’t get enough of that.

    TNA is headed in a good direction the key is to maintain the “popular demands”, and withdraw the bad ones, succeeding is key to winning this battle with wwe.

    Love your blog keep it going! woot!

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